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Getaway in Barcelona

By Antoine the 21 May 2017
You want to discover Barcelona ? With your family, friends or in couple, don't hesitate et go for this adventure ! Barcelona is a touristic and animated city where you have large choice of activities.

How to go to Barcelona ?

You can go to Barcelona in different ways, by car, train or plane, the city is well served. For my part, I took the plane, the airport is located 30 minutes from the downtown, buses (~5€) are available to go to Plaza de Catalunya. You can also take the taxi but the price is more expensive (~30€).

Where to stay ?

Regarding the accommodation, you have several options, it will depend on your budget and your expectations. The coast of the hotels during the highseason is expensive, however you can rent a flat or go to a youth hostel for a more affordable price. Pay attention to the choice of your accommodation, some criteria shoudn't be overlooked. Try to choose a place near the downtown to move easier and faster if you stay just a few days. The air conditionner is an essential point, it will be usefull to refresh you after a long day.

The climate

The temperature is between 30 and 35 degrees during summer, the climat is dry and it's very hot, so think to take some water with you for the activities. In spring or autumn, temperatures are softer and more agreeable.

Evenings in Barcelona

The life style in Barcelona is a little bit different compared to our habits. Usually, the dinner isn't taken before 10pm and the Spanish people don't go to bed before midnight. Bars will accompany you the whole night and you will savor the best cocktails as the mojito and the tequila sunrise ! The atmosphere is always there during your night outings in the clubs.

The must-see

Sagrada Familia

You have to go to the Sagrada Familia, its architecture is unique and it's an emblematic monument of Barcelona. If you want to enter inside, I recommend that you buy tickets online (~15€) in order to avoid waiting for many hours. Inside the cathedral, with its stained glass and luminosity, it's absolutely wonderful. You can also visit the towers, and go to the top of the Sagrada to enjoy the view of Barcelona.

Parc Güell

The park Güell is a must-see of the city, the entrance is free for almost the whole park. However, you can't go to the famous terrace with the benches composed of colored mosaics. The paying part (~7€) gives you an access to Gaudi's houses, and the fantastic lizard, a symbol of Barcelona. The area of the park is 20 hectares, so you can walk and admire an extraordinary nature.


Located 60km from Barcelona, the Montserrat is a mountain range of 1200 meters of altitude. To get there, you can take the train from the station of Barcelona to Montserrat. Once there, you have the choice between the cogwheel train or the cable car to reach the top where you can find the abbey. On the spot, there is a museum and an audiovisual space telling the story of the Montserrat. At the highest point, there are some hiking trails and you can enjoy a breathtaking view. I recommend that you visit these mountains, it's a nice experience, landscapes are wonderful.

Parc de la Ciutadella

The Parc de la Ciutadella is a sixty-hectare public garden, located close to the center and the Arc de Triomf. It's on of the largest park in Barcelona, it also welcomes the monumental waterfall, the zoo and some buildings from the old fortress. We can walk through the gardens and the exotic plants, and even rent a rowing boat to navigate on the lake.


Montjuïc is a hill overlooking the ancient city and the old port of Barcelona. It gathers a large number of edifices as the castle of Montjuïc, the national art museum of Catalonia and the olympic stadium of the olympic games of 1992. In the evening, you can admire the fountain's water games. The Montjuïc is also accessible by cable car from the port, where you will have the time to enjoy the landscapes and the view.


On the port, you have the beautiful aquarium (~20€) full of diverse marine species. Sharks, fish, seahorses and penguins will make you travel in a magic univers. Throughout the visit, you will be in a dark setting with bright colors that illuminate the beauty of the water, plants and fish. A space is dedicated to children so they can learn while having fun.

Camp nou

Fan of football, the Camp Nou waits for you for an unforgettable moment. Unfortunately, during summer you can't watch a football game, however a visit (~20€) of the stadium is possible. This one will take you in the heart of the football world, with trophy showcases, dressing rooms, and finally the field of the biggest stadium in Europe.

Barceloneta beach

Except monuments and museums, Barcelona has four beaches that are 4km long. You can rest and spend a great moment there. Barceloneta beach is located 40 minutes from the Catalunya place by foot, but there is a metro station near to the beach if you don't want to walk. Some activities as windsurfing are available, and there are also a lot of restaurants along the beach.

The good plans

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Lunch at the Torre d'alta mar

By Antoine the 29 May 2017

At an altitude of 75 meters and near the beach, the Torre d'alta mar is a restaurant that will give you an unique experience.

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